XMUT procedures for applying for bilingual (Chinese and English) accreditation forms of transcript, registration and degree with the intention of overseas study

1. Model forms
2. The bilingual forms may also be made in accordance with the specific requirement by the target overseas organization.
 All the information in the Chinese or English version should be put within one piece of paper(duplex printing is permitted).
 The forms shall be approved by the XMUT Academic Affairs Office if the grades and all the information are true.
 Students may get the transcript printed at their school academic offices.
Graduates of XMUT may reproduce their transcript from their personal file documents or from XMUT Archives.

Notes: 1. All the transcripts should be printed within one piece of standard A4 paper ( duplex printing is permitted)
     2. Accreditation forms of XMUT registration, graduation, and degree diploma should be printed on standard A4 paper.
     Special note: another red seal cannot be put on a photocopy of an already sealed accreditation form.

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